The Evil Within – Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools (4 Parts)

Here we go – chapter 10 and it is a 4-parter, I was pretty exhausted by the end of it, I’m looking forward to the next chapter 🙂

Chapter 10-1 – The Giant Pizza Slicers!
Enter the mother of all fairgrounds, the one with giant pizza slicers and no-fuss self-serve decapitation machine! Just WTFFFFF?
Chapter 10-2 – Into the Darkness
From fairground to underground, facing new enemies, and of course, try to avoid some seriously sharp bacon slicers…
Chapter 10-3 – Disco Inferno!!
Title says it all – my death count shot through the ozone layer on this one, I lost count.
Burn baby BUUURRRRN!
Chapter 10-4 – Will This Day Ever End?
The end of chapter 10, and what a big finale it is, in fact – a bit too big…

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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