The Evil Within – Chapter 15 – An Evil Within (5 Parts)

Here we are guys! The final chapter, you enjoy!

Chapter 15-1 – Back to the Start
After 14 chapters, we’re one big full circle back to where it all began, the Beacon.

Chapter 15-2 – Battle Royale
Typical, whenever I have a good stash of bullets – something bad happens, it’s like the tax man and my hard-earned cash!

Chapter 15-3 – Double Team
Time to rock out just about everything I have left to nail these annoying keepers back to where they belong…

Chapter 15-4 – The Eye
He said – watch out for Ruvik’s eye.
I see what he meant now…

Chapter 15-5 – The End of Evil
Many thanks to those who had watched them, it’s time for me to look for the next game!

I welcome all suggestions on what to play next, just let me know 😉

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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