Amnesia – Gameplay Walkthrough 10 – Can He Fix It?

I’m working on part 11 as you read this post – so expect the next video up some time soon, but for now, enjoy part 10 of my Amnesia horror experience!

Part 10 – Can He Fix It? (Watch on YouTube)

Friendly Tip: I realised that not all version of YouTube players can load the video in 60fps, for instance the embedded players, or even within certain sections in YouTube.

The guaranteed way to ensure you’re watching in 60fps is by opening the video on YouTube directly and change your video quality using the gear icon on the bottom-right hand corner, like so:

You’ll see that when rendered in 60fps, the label will say “1080p60” or “720p60” instead of the usual “1080p” and “720p”.

60fps is only available on either 720p or 1080p quality, so lower bandwidth users may not see the benefits of the 60fps rendering.

Also your monitor/display will need to support 60Hz refresh rate or else the video will only play at 30fps.

I’d recommend setting the video quality to ‘Auto’ and allow YouTube to determine your optimum viewing quality, after all it’s better to watch the video smoothly than laggy-ly 🙂

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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