Amnesia – Gameplay Walkthrough – 11 + 12 – The Start of the Prison

As the cold temperature sets in, I found myself greeted by my old friend Mr. Fever.

It was a surprise visit so I was unaware of his presence until when I was walking home from the train station, which damn near killed me.

After a few days delay I’m now back on recording Amnesia and here’s a two-parter which goes through the first part of the prison:

Part 11 – The Prison

Part 12 – Under the Bed?

The next part(s) will be coming soon with a bit of an upgrade on the microphone that records with less background noise and better vocals, in fact – so good that I can hear all the defects of my ruined voice, but still – very excited 😀

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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