Amnesia – Gameplay Walkthrough – Prison Storage (3 Parts – 13, 14, 15)

Apologies for the long silence, it’s been very difficult lately to juggle between regular work and making videos, especially when you have new equipment (microphone + software) to master on the way!

If you’ve visited my channel then you’d have noticed a stream of new videos, I’m grouping them here for neatness 🙂

Part 13 – Dead Body
(I believe it’s)The First time in game to encounter a dead body! Considering this place is so haunted I’m surprised we haven’t found more by now, especially when we’re in a prison…

Part 14 – New Low on Sanity!
Monsters everywhere in the prison, the number of encounters I had in this area is probably more than the total number of encounters I’d gone through combined…

Part 15 – The Cursed Glass Jar
This prison is seriously haunted! I can’t seem to go around a corner without getting my heart smashed to bits!
This time we found a small storage room, and as you know by now – Amnesia + Storage = shit just got real.

PS: I’m looking at the Resident Evil Remastered Edition and seriously considering making one or two video of it – so many games, so little time!

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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