Destiny 2 BETA – Inverted Spire Strike – Funny Moments

The only strike opened in Destiny 2 BETA is The Inverted Spire set on the world of Nessus, where the player will be facing Cabal and Vex enemies.

In this video I went along with the PSN matchmaking service with two other BETA players to tackle this brand new strike mission, finishing with a 3-stage boss fight towards the end.

A typical strike in Destiny 1 would only feature a single phase for the final boss, so it’s a refreshing touch to see a multi-stage boss, it would be even better if the boss required unique mechanics before the players can conduct damage phase (DPS) – in short, a bit like a mini raid but for a 3-player fire team.

While we can’t generalise based on the review of a single strike – I can say that so far everything in PVE plays smooth as butter. The world looks interesting, there are new enemy types and new ways to fight, the game is looking very promising indeed.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet been able to play BETA, and you don’t mind seeing spoilers, then hop on to my YouTube channel, or if you want to be specific, check out my Destiny 2 BETA playlist.


Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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