Playdead’s INSIDE – My New YouTube Experiment

The game is called INSIDE, but the logo of the game actually suggests the full name is “Playdead’s INSIDE”. Playdead is the publisher, so I guess they just wanted their name in there somehow.

After a few failed attempts, I have managed to do a recording on the free version of this game, the quality is decent, and the audio is in sync, that means you can expect me to play more games on my YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.04.40
With zero text on screen and no tutorials, you are thrown right into the deep end at the start.

The game starts off with no tutorials whatsoever, no guidance, and no pointers. Your only mission is to traverse the landscape and to reach from point A to B without being caught/killed/fall to your death. It sounds harsh, and that’s because it kind of… is.

All of it sounds quite dark, but honestly, I really like the atmosphere, the tone of the game, the stealth mechanics and the bizarre puzzles. They somehow just “click”.

Not to mention that the visuals and sound effects are on-point, too. To make the most of your experience, make sure you’re playing this game with headphones and in the dark, alone.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.03.41
Despite the tone, INSIDE is beautifully rendered.
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.05.06
Your goal is to survive and continue on a seemingly endless journey from left to right.

If you haven’t come across the game before, download the free version and give it a try. Also if you guys want me to continue with the series, just let me know, and I will definitely deliver 🙂

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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