This Week: Puzzle and Dragons – Yu Yu Hakusho 25th Anniversary Event and Urameshi First Impressions

This week let’s talk about something that ISN’T Destiny, but in case you missed it, here is my latest “Silly Review” video. So, with that being said, let’s move on and talk about Puzzle and Dragons, or P&D.

P&D is a match-three puzzle game available on iOS and Android devices.

First released in 2012 in Japan, the game contains your usual addictive components such as card collecting, fusion and evolution, dungeons and trading and it now even features a levelling system like traditional RPG. During its 6 years (and counting) of operation it has proven itself to be one of the few games out there that really appreciates continuous improvements and active collaboration with other sponsors.

This time they really hit a sweet spot for me with their latest collaboration: Yu Yu Hakusho – a manga series written by Yoshihiro Togashi, and was converted into TV anime 25 years ago.

Every special collaboration event features a brand new start menu wallpaper with all the key new cards showing.

Monster Exchange System

In this collaboration GungHo included a bunch of iconic characters from the anime as playable cards, all obtainable through the rare egg machine (P&D’s word for “loot box”), or – for the first time ever, you can actually obtain rare character cards through the new exchange system.

“Monster Exchange” – a brand new system added to help non-IAP players to get powerful cards.

So naturally I couldn’t wait to get started, luckily I had enough spare cards lying around to exchange for the one card I really wanted – Urameshi Yusuke, and BOOM – just like that I got a card that probably has less than 2% drop rate from loot box.

Urameshi Yusuke – leader skill: Light attribute cards get 1.5x multiplier across all stats; 4x attack when hitting 7 combos; and an additional 2.5x attack when light and water attribute attacks at the same time.

Urameshi Card Overview

On paper, Urameshi is definitely the best all-rounder, an incredibly generous attack multiplier combined with unconditional stats boost not only makes this a great leader card, but also easy to use.

His active skill “Reigan” (靈丸) will:

  1. Decrease allies’ skill cool down by 1 turn.
  2. Remove all orb locks on the board.
  3. Convert all orbs into either light or water attribute.

In short it’s an active skill that perfectly compliments his leader skill, however, can also be vey useful when slotted as a member for any light-based team builds.

The Test Team

Here’s the team I’m currently running:

From left: Urameshi (4302), Edward Elric (4020), Xmas Fagan (4065), Tsukumo Mutsu (3618), and Paimon (3876)

This team build is pretty straight forward:

  1. Focusing on light attribute cards while still covering all other elements to give both Edward and Fagan their chance to activate their skill boost awakening perk.
  2. Both Edward’s and Tsukumo’s actives can boost light attribute attacks (x3 and x2 respectively) for that dramatic finish.
  3. All cards in this team are able to generate either light orbs, or both light and water.
  4. Paimon’s awoken perks can ensure new light orbs on the board are enhanced.

The Damage

So what do any of these mean? Well, I’ve captured the damage output in this screenshot:

With both leaders being Urameshi, total team HP went over 80k. The damage output easily exceeded 100,000,000

With the above damage numbers, the entire team managed to reach over 500 million damage points, not bad at all, and that’s before applying external attack multiplier like Edward’s active (3x attack to light attributes).

Big Question: Is it Worth It?


Whether you’re an IPA player, or a regular player – this card is definitely worth getting. The unconditional stats boost will come in especially handy in dungeons that removes your awoken perks.

As a leader, his combo-based and attribute-based attack multipliers are easy to trigger and fun to use. As a member, his active skill and awoken perks are also as solid as it gets – 2x bind resists, 2x 7-combo multiplier and the highlight of all, arranging orbs in 3×3 formation to break damage nullifiers will be extremely useful in a lot of boss fight situations.

The only real downside is that with part of his leader skill requiring both light and water orbs – your choice of team members may be somewhat limited.

If you can’t get him through the rare egg machine, then consider getting him via the exchange system.

That’s it from me for now, if I end up getting any more interesting cards I shall consider writing another post 🙂


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