2018 Gaming PC Build – Part 3 – Motherboard and I/O Wiring

Installing IO Shield Before you can install your motherboard, you need to install your IO shield, a plate that comes with your motherboard package. This should "snap" into place to the back of the PC case, and in this instance, I had to push quite firmly before it was fully attached.   Installing Motherboard These... Continue Reading →

2018 Gaming PC Build – Part 2 – Test Boot

If you have never built a computer from scratch before, it's actually not as difficult as it looks or sound. I usually start by doing a simple test assembly with certain key components outside the case before putting them into the PC case, in case one of the core components doesn't work. It makes the... Continue Reading →

2018 Gaming PC Build – Part 1 – The Parts

BackgroundSo my last PC build project was somewhat 8, 9 years ago, for a core i7-960 quad-core 12GB desktop. It started off with a Nvidia GTX 460 SLI, then later moved to a single ASUS GTX 770. The initial power supply (Corsair HX series) died after maybe 6 years of usage, then I switched to... Continue Reading →

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