Puzzle & Dragons – Raizen, Is It Any Good?

If you don't know what Puzzle and Dragons (P&D) is, check out my last post re. Yu Yu Hakusho Collaboration Event for more details. In short - it's a mobile game I've been playing for quite some time. In the anime, Raizen was regarded as the most powerful demon and also an ancestor of Urameshi Yusuke... Continue Reading →

This Week: Puzzle and Dragons – Yu Yu Hakusho 25th Anniversary Event and Urameshi First Impressions

This week let's talk about something that ISN'T Destiny, but in case you missed it, here is my latest "Silly Review" video. So, with that being said, let's move on and talk about Puzzle and Dragons, or P&D. P&D is a match-three puzzle game available on iOS and Android devices. First released in 2012 in Japan, the game contains... Continue Reading →

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