Last Week: Destiny 2, Blog Update, and The Room – Old Sins on iOS

Okay so I'm not great at coming up with good titles, it's one of many reasons why I create videos instead of writing, but anyways, let's talk about stuff. On Destiny 2... My latest Destiny 2 weapon review video is now available on YouTube, and this time it's about the energy auto rifle: "Null Calamity... Continue Reading →

Blog Update and General Porcupine Stuff

So it took me a VERY LONG time to come back to this blog, mainly because there were lots of real-life events and travelling that had happened or still on-going, so I could only spare so much time on being a gamer. Therefore whenever I had spare time, I spent it all on producing videos... Continue Reading →

Destiny – PVP – Potty Mouth Challenge in Mayhem Rumble

In this episode of Destiny - Hamsters go PVP, we invited blondie and dodge for the impossible challenge. To be "family friendly". Warning: lots of bleeps coming your way.

Destiny 2 BETA – Inverted Spire Strike – Funny Moments

The only strike opened in Destiny 2 BETA is The Inverted Spire set on the world of Nessus, where the player will be facing Cabal and Vex enemies. In this video I went along with the PSN matchmaking service with two other BETA players to tackle this brand new strike mission, finishing with a 3-stage... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 BETA – Hunter Gameplay and First Impressions

Yes BETA is finally here for Destiny 2 and my video took FOREVER to upload, but still, better late than never right? In this video I went through the Hunter class along with the Arcstrider subclass abilities and some of the weapons provided for us. Obviously when the real game is out we will most... Continue Reading →

Destiny – PVP Highlights – Path of the Gunslinger

I'm not great at PVP, I'm a noob at editing, but that doesn't stop me from trying to give my Hunter character a proper montage. I played Destiny for nearly 3 years and it's a bit sad to think all those fun times and laughters will be locked away in a hard drive somewhere. Let's... Continue Reading →

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