Thought of the Week: Where Did Destiny 2 Go Wrong?

It's a weird sensation to be playing some Destiny 1 (D1) again after playing Destiny 2 (D2) for so long, however that's exactly what I did over the weekend (aside from making another weapon review video), and what a trip down memory lane it was. Yes the graphics look dated, the character models look less... Continue Reading →

Playdead’s INSIDE – My New YouTube Experiment

The game is called INSIDE, but the logo of the game actually suggests the full name is "Playdead's INSIDE". Playdead is the publisher, so I guess they just wanted their name in there somehow. After a few failed attempts, I have managed to do a recording on the free version of this game, the quality... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2: The Biggest Problems with PVP at the Moment

As you can probably guess from the title, this blog post will contain a bit of a rant. Destiny 2 (or D2) PVP (player vs. player) mode has been a roller coaster ride for me since its release, and in this post I'll be discussing a few things that are still bugging me. Overpowered/Broken Weapons... Continue Reading →

Last Week: Destiny 2, Blog Update, and The Room – Old Sins on iOS

Okay so I'm not great at coming up with good titles, it's one of many reasons why I create videos instead of writing, but anyways, let's talk about stuff. On Destiny 2... My latest Destiny 2 weapon review video is now available on YouTube, and this time it's about the energy auto rifle: "Null Calamity... Continue Reading →

Blog Update and General Porcupine Stuff

So it took me a VERY LONG time to come back to this blog, mainly because there were lots of real-life events and travelling that had happened or still on-going, so I could only spare so much time on being a gamer. Therefore whenever I had spare time, I spent it all on producing videos... Continue Reading →

Destiny – PVP – Potty Mouth Challenge in Mayhem Rumble

In this episode of Destiny - Hamsters go PVP, we invited blondie and dodge for the impossible challenge. To be "family friendly". Warning: lots of bleeps coming your way.

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