Playdead’s INSIDE – My New YouTube Experiment

The game is called INSIDE, but the logo of the game actually suggests the full name is "Playdead's INSIDE". Playdead is the publisher, so I guess they just wanted their name in there somehow. After a few failed attempts, I have managed to do a recording on the free version of this game, the quality... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 BETA – Hunter Gameplay and First Impressions

Yes BETA is finally here for Destiny 2 and my video took FOREVER to upload, but still, better late than never right? In this video I went through the Hunter class along with the Arcstrider subclass abilities and some of the weapons provided for us. Obviously when the real game is out we will most... Continue Reading →

Amnesia – Gameplay Walkthrough 10 – Can He Fix It?

I'm working on part 11 as you read this post - so expect the next video up some time soon, but for now, enjoy part 10 of my Amnesia horror experience! Part 10 - Can He Fix It? (Watch on YouTube) Friendly Tip: I realised that not all version of YouTube players can load... Continue Reading →

The Evil Within – Chapter 15 – An Evil Within (5 Parts)

Here we are guys! The final chapter, you enjoy! Chapter 15-1 - Back to the Start After 14 chapters, we're one big full circle back to where it all began, the Beacon. Chapter 15-2 - Battle Royale Typical, whenever I have a good stash of bullets - something bad happens, it's like the tax man... Continue Reading →

The Evil Within – Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives (4 Parts)

We're going underground in this chapter, stay tuned, we are getting towards to the end 😉 Chapter 14-1 - Subway Let's get the sub everyone! What could possibly go wrong? Chapter 14-2 - Still Going Down Turns out we can go further down still, what could possibly be waiting for us? Chapter 14-3 - Tentacles!... Continue Reading →

The Evil Within – Chapter 13 – Casualties (3 PARTS)

Chapter 13-1 - Checking In We ended up at some sort of Hotel after the bus crash-landed, what else could possibly go wrong? Chapter 13-2 - Sneaky Time Guess what? An old pal decided to come back for a quick visit, but between you and me - I don't like him all that much... Chapter... Continue Reading →

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