Blog Update and General Porcupine Stuff

So it took me a VERY LONG time to come back to this blog, mainly because there were lots of real-life events and travelling that had happened or still on-going, so I could only spare so much time on being a gamer. Therefore whenever I had spare time, I spent it all on producing videos instead of blogging.

Good news is that the channel is (miraculously) doing okay, and I have a ton of people to thank for, if you’re reading this – thank you very much for your support, too.

My Destiny 2 weapon review series is growing at a steady rate of 1 video per week. It’s snail pace for some, but for me it’s a perfect time window to gather enough material for a decent quality video. I value more on the content quality over on the frequency of upload when it comes to things like that.

If I could I’d love to do more videos on Destiny 2, but at the moment it’s a very difficult game to produce videos for, and in general – to “hang on to”.

This is mainly due to a lack of in-game content, I can always upload a dozen PVP matches or PVE strikes/Nightfall runs in a week, but that’d be extremely dull.

Even though Bungie has updated us with a lot of info over the past few weeks, most of the stuff that they’re trying to fix now are things that were already in Destiny 1, such as the weapon/armor masterwork system (effectively re-introducing some form of random roll element), toning down Eververse in-game purchases, boosting in-game rewards, private PVP matches, re-adding Exotic weapon quests etc (I particularly like hidden Exotic quests).

Those are all things that should’ve stayed in place when they started developing Destiny 2, and now, not only is the situation annoying for new players, but more importantly it’s frustrating for the loyalists – players who have stayed since Destiny 1 was released.

Nightfall-Week-01The “Rat King” sidearm was probably the only exotic quest weapon I enjoyed doing, but still nowhere near some of the exotic quests in Destiny 1.

For the time being, I still enjoy making these silly review videos, I still enjoy writing bad jokes and punchlines and make people giggle, so I’ll most likely keep that going for as long as I can, however I’m actively exploring other areas to expand my YouTube channel, so there may come a point when I’ll have to drop the weapon review series and move on to something else, because let’s be honest – there are (lots of) other games than Destiny.

The Colony is one of the weapon review videos I enjoyed making, had lots of fun playing with my voice.

Anyways, in an effort to reboot the blog, I’ve updated the theme, tweaked the menus, hope it looks more sophisticated.

Rather than just re-broadcasting my video uploads, I’ll most likely use this blog space as a “behind-the-scenes” area to compliment certain video uploads, but in general I’m just hoping to resume being a lazy blogger, to post my random thoughts and other shenanigans.

If you have any suggestions about what I can do for videos, or if you want to see me play a particular game, just leave me a message on Twitter.

As always, you guys stay classy.

Love it or hate it? Let me know either way.

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